What We Do


Our mission is to spread the idea of science – and technology – integrated society.

Society is constantly evolving by its constituents, but never has change been this dynamic and prevalent in past generations. Modern society today faces triumphs and problems that cannot be comprehended with solitary academic disciplines; interdisciplinary solutions and methods where science and other fields of study are integrated have become a necessary way of life.

ICISTS aims to become the center of interdisciplinary thought with three objectives:

1.     Hold an international conference on the integration of science, technology, and society.

2.     Become a platform for an international network.

3.     Provide inspiration, insight, and guidance to the leaders of tomorrow.

To achieve these aims, the Organizing Committee of ICISTS, made up of undergraduate students of KAIST, works all year-round to host a convention each year under various themes that encourage participants to cross academic borders, challenge conventional thinking, and experiment with the unfamiliar. From the humble yet ambitious beginnings in 2005, ICISTS has been established as the biggest student-led conference in Asia.


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