What We Do


Our mission is to spread the idea of science – and technology – integrated society.

Today’s society, despite the general population’s disinterest in science and technology, values interdisciplinary minds who can merge science & technology and other academic fields. Such is because the integration of the seemingly different disciplines may uncover possible solutions to the problems of modern society. The problems and inconveniences that rise from the rapid development of technology, such as internet addiction and personal security, can only be resolved when multiple disciplines come together to create a new perspective. 

OUR goalS

  1. Hold an international conference on the integration of science, technology, and society.

  2. Become a platform for an international network.

  3. Provide inspiration, insight, and guidance to the leaders of tomorrow.

How do we achieve the ideal merger of varied knowledge? Simply having motley of unrefined knowledge cannot be the solution—for example, decreasing the number of internet addicts require more than understanding psychology and IT technology. To achieve a genuine integration, scientists, sociologists, and artists at the frontier of different disciplines should constantly cross the academic borders, challenge the conventional thinking, and experiment with the unfamiliar. 


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