Date: JUL 30 – AUG 3, 2018

Venue: KAIST Daejeon Campus

Presence of the Wall: Constraint or Control


     Humans were able to turn possibility into reality. Without overcoming limits, the life as we see today would simply not be the same. Ironically, there existed times when humans intentionally limited themselves. After all, there may be certain lines that we should never cross. In this regard, limits can be considered as a wall that both constrains and controls human society.

     Walls as a constraint could be seen as an always-existing boundary that current technology simply cannot cross. Human beings have consistently attempted to break this wall with technological advancement. Our will to explore what is on the other side of the wall has led us to set up a new path; ultimately opening the gates for new possibilities.

     However, walls may also act as a control to regulate emerging social issues. Breaking these walls without considering its consequences could be seen as a reckless move. Hence, walls can be a necessary factor for our well-being, maximizing the benefits gained from our technology while minimizing its potential risks.

     What should our stance be on the limits that we are facing today? ICISTS 2018 attempts to answer this question through discussing various social issues and technologies.



     Human beings were able to break countless walls through technological advancement. However, there is no question that there still are many walls ahead of us. Among these walls, we will consider Spatial-Time Limit and Urban Problems.

<Spatial-Time Limit>

     Each individual lives within 24 hours a day, which limits our activities. Numerous technologies such as Hyperloop and Instant Messaging allowed human beings to use their time and space in the most efficient way. With the help of such technology, humans have even got to the point where they are possible to do various tasks while sitting down on a table. From telecommunications to smart work space, humans will incessantly make effort to broaden our horizons.

<Urban problems>

     Smart city began to gain public attention as a solution for various urban problems like inadequate access to public services and environmental pollution. In order to maximize the efficiency of city operations and services, researchers came up with new ideas like urban computing and zero-energy building. Human beings today aim to set up an infrastructure with optimized decision making process and automation system, to establish a functioning smart city.



     Although human beings have broken down many walls, they are also confronted with complex social problems due to the rapid improvements in technology. In this subtopic, we will consider issues related to Entertainment Contents and Business Intelligence, as well as the walls that are used to manage and control them.

<Entertainment Contents>

     From live-streaming platforms to video games, new technological developments have allowed entertainment contents to be unbelievably approachable. Now, people are able to enjoy various contents that are more lively, realistic, and engaging than ever before. However, as digital world became more influential, many started to fear that inappropriate and deliberately manipulated contents would cause confusion to the community. In order to control such risks, a new wall - a new limit - may be necessary.

<Business Intelligence>

     Many enterprises utilize Business Intelligence (BI) to collect and analyze enormous amount of data. Today, BI started to be regulated under the claim that it is able to retrieve the user’s private information without their consent. Putting too much restrictions on the technology, however, may also prevent the companies from satisfying the individual’s needs. It now seems necessary to discuss about the need for a wall that could regulate the use of BI.






Keynote speech

Scholars, CEOs, and artists prominent in their fields address a keynote speech, igniting minds and thoughts of the participants. 



In Team Project, participants will be developing new, innovative ideas based on their understanding of the lectures given by the speakers (at ICISTS). Awards will be granted based on the evaluations of each team's product.

Team Discussion Session

Taking the time and effort to sit down and engage in real issues critically affecting the human race motivates a conversation of various ideas and beliefs. 


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