Supporting our conference has been rewarding for many companies and institutions, who benefit from:

  • Involvement in the annual KAIST event and the largest student event in Asia about science, technology, and society
  • A chance to participate in a dynamic program bringing together the world's most influential leaders, renowned academics, and captains of industry
  • The opportunity to promote products and services in a highly visible and widely respected forum

Sponsors That Have Supported Our Events


Why Sponsor ICISTS?

Team Project

  • Gain exclusive access to the solutions that the creative, passionate undergraduate students will come up with, related to your company’s present difficult issue, concerning STS
  • Engage in the Poster Fair where every teams will have their projects displayed on posters

Brand Exposure

  • Form a lasting association of company's brand with KAIST and ICISTS
  • Print company's logo on all of ICISTS promotional material, i.e. banners, posters, delegate handbooks, website, etc.
  • Expand company's media outreach through international media's coverage of conferences via press conferences, press interviews, webzines and special reports in both TV and print media

Career Fair

  • Engage in person with a diverse pool of selected delegates with demonstrated ability and interest in integration.
  • Share about your company's career opportunities and gauge delegate interest and perspective of your industry and company
  • Promote internship programs and employment for delegates who match your criteria through company presentation at recruiting events

Broaden Diversity Initiative

  • Provide delegates from underprivileged backgrounds with an opportunity to participate in ICISTS
  • Promote greater access to global educational and employment opportunities

In-kind Sponsorships

ICISTS welcomes various in-kind sponsorships that contribute to making our conference a more engaging experience. In the past, our sponsors have offered field trips or sent speakers to the conference. We are also open to entertain other possible suggestions as well.

Company-Sponsored Field Trips

Local company tours and presentations for delegates relevant to their respective panel topics.

Company-Sponsored Speakers

Company representatives speak at various ICISTS events including but not limiting to plenaries, panels, seminars, and opening/closing ceremonies.


ICISTS hands questionnaires to the participants during the conference.  The questionnaires can be used to gauge the participants' satisfaction with the sponsored products. Your company can propose the questions that will go in the questionnaire.

Brand Exposure Using ICISTS Official SNS

ICISTS is currenly running a facebook page that 13,000 people are subscribed to. During the conference, pictures and videos of the participants will be uploaded on the page. Your company's brand will blend with the uploaded content, naturally being exposed to a diverse group of people.


For further information and discussions about sponsorships, please reach us via contact form →