Meet People, Get Inspired

Global conference with 250 participants from 20 countries and 60 universities

Networking in the fields of science, arts, and humanities

five-day festival with world-leading experts and college students


ICISTS 2018 with sponsors

ICISTS 2018 couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for many sponsors.

They have taken on the role of supporting the students in their 20s who will one day become the driving force of our future society.

ICISTS will constantly work together as their partner to move forward.


Sponsorship benefits

We are looking for sponsors that will join us in ICISTS 2019, and to go even further, the future of ICISTS.


Insertion of the sponsor’s logo in conference poster/photo wall/booklet

Insertion of the sponsor’s logo in the name tag of participants, speakers, organizing committee members

Playing ad of the sponsor during the conference

Uploading promotional materials of the sponsors on ICISTS official facebook, Instagram…etc.

Networking with the participants

Can take part in selecting the ‘Team Project’ topic

Can participate in Lunch/Dinner Talk

Can participate in the Gala Night

Social contribution and tax breaks

Tax breaks through KAIST Development Foundation

Certificate of patronage will be sent

Other sponsorship benefits

Final report with the results, along with the booklet, will be sent


We would like to once again, thank all sponsors who have helped us to organize/hold our 15th ICISTS conference.

For further information and discussions about sponsorships, please reach us via contact form →