About “Prof. Jaeweon Cho“



CHO, Jaeweon is a professor of Environmental Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). He now directs the Convergence Research Center, named 'Science Walden', supported by National Research Foundation of Korea, with the convergence of science and arts being focused, since 2015. He tries to make various designs for communities, education program, etcetera. He proposed the feces Standard Money (fSM) concept in edge.org (edge.org/response-detail/26660). He is one of the founding members of North Korea Water Society under the Ministry of Unification, Korea, since 2015, to discuss what should be done for Korean reunification and on potential ways to collaborate to solve water issues in both Koreas, between two Koreas. He has been providing small water purification units being operated without electricity (named 'OngDalSaem'), to villages in various different countries.

web: withBasics.org; Instagram: jaeweoncho; Twitter: @withBasics


About Lecture


Title: Science Walden: Science and Arts

Science Walden is a place where we can communicate in a freeway between scientist and artists, to solve our present problems, including climate change, economic inequality, and alienation. The place is located in-between potential polar areas, such as nature and human, urban and country, and science and humanities. From the in-betweens, we have been proposing a few new concepts to tackle the existing problems: feces standard money (fSM) concept towards new horizons in ecological, economic, and scientific worlds, and spontaneity concept for an alternative democracy, and others.