About “Mr. Jung-Hyun Kim“




  • BA, Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Master of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University

Work Experience

  • Crowds Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation Studios. Collaborated with arts/shading/animation departments to create a believable world where stories will be told in Shrek and Madagascar series.
  • Cloth/Hair/Crowds Simulation Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios. Created computer simulation of cloth, hair, or crowds in Cars 3, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4.

About Lecture


Art, Technology and Beyond

Arts stimulate technology to advance and technology gives arts expanded imagination. As arts and technology play along for more than 30 years at Pixar, both evolved far enough to tell emotionally deeper stories. In this lecture, we will see how collaboration between arts and technology in animation works and how their relationships became stronger.