If you have any inquiries, please contact help@icists.org.

All times and dates mentioned below are based on Korea Standard Time (KST).

Application Period and Participation Fee

Application period and participation fee for ICISTS 2018 are as follows:

  • Early application: May 1 –  June 3, 2018 (105.00 USD or 110,000 KRW)

    • Acceptance will be notified in June via website and personal e-mail.

  • Regular application: June 4 - July 10, 2018 (135.00 USD or 140,000 KRW)

    • Acceptance will be notified within a week after application via website and personal e-mail.

§   Your essay must be written in English. If you write your essay in any other languages or plagiarize your essay, you may be disqualified.

§   Upon acceptance, to confirm your participation, please visit apply.icists.org and fill out the following details: accommodation, post-conference tour, and more.

§   You must pay the registration fee via the application result page within a week after your acceptance.

§   The participation fee includes costs for session preparation, lunch (provided every day), and the gala night banquet. Costs for accommodation and the pre-conference banquet are not included.

Group Discount

A group of 5 or more accepted applicants is qualified for group discount, which is 10.00 USD or 10,000 KRW of the participation fee (per member). To apply for group discount, every member of a group has to fill in the same group name in the Group Name slot.

Group discount is valid after applicants are accepted as participants of ICISTS 2018. Discount is invalid if less than 5 members are accepted.

Note that Early applicants and Regular applicants may not apply as a single group.


There are two different methods for payment: bank transfer (KRW) and PayPal (USD). The total payment fee will include the participation fee, and, depending on your choice, hotel accommodation and post-conference tour fee. In order to be confirmed as a participant of ICISTS 2018, the applicant should choose one of either payment methods and pay within a week after the announcement of the application results.

Financial Aid Program

ICISTS encourages participation of those who currently do not reside in, or are non-permanent residents of the Republic of Korea. Applicants for the Financial Aid Program will be evaluated and the selected applicants will be provided with a grant of 150 USD - 400 USD.



  • Applicants who do not currently reside in the Republic of Korea. This includes Korean students who do not currently reside in Korea and non-Korean students who do not have a permanent address in Korea.

  • Non-permanent residents of the Republic of Korea


  • The financial aid application for Early applicants is from May 1th to June 3rd, and the results will be announced in June.

  • The financial aid application for Regular applicants is from June 4th to July 10th, and the results will be announced in July.

  • Those who wish to apply for financial aid (both early and regular applicants) must select "Yes" to the question asking your application for Financial Aid and answer to the additional questions.

  • Selected applicants will be given financial aid after careful consideration by ICISTS.

  • Acceptance would be notified via e-mail.

  • Once your financial aid has been approved, please proceed to make the full payment, including the full conference fee and accommodation. Your financial aid will be given in a refund system after the conference has finished and by 30th August, 2018.


  • ICISTS retains all rights to the number of financial aid packages that will be distributed, and to whom they will be awarded.

  • All participants must make an initial deposit of the application and hotel fees regardless of whether or not they will be receiving financial aid. All financial aid will be given in US dollars after the conference ends. This is to ensure financial aid recipients will participate in ICISTS 2018 for its full duration.

  • Failure to attend two or more ICISTS 2018 sessions, or any highly inappropriate and disrespectful behavior can result in the revocation of financial aid.

  • All applicants who accept the financial aid are obliged to provide a post-conference review and respond to future requests made by ICISTS.

  • Should any false information or plagiarism, intentional or unintentional, be found in your application, you will be immediately disqualified from not only our financial aid program, but also participating in ICISTS 2018 altogether.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your ICISTS 2018 application, you must send an e-mail to help@icists.org. Your payments will be refunded according to the following scheme:


  • On or before June 13th, 2018: 100% refund of all payments

  • On or before June 25th, 2018: 70% refund of all payments

  • On or before July 16th, 2018: 30% refund of all payments

  • After July 16th, 2018: 0% refund of all payments


  • On or before July 20th, 2018: 100% refund of all payments
  • After July 20th, 2018: 0% refund of all payments

Please note that by cancelling your application, you forfeit your participation in ICISTS 2018. Should you change your mind and wish to re-register after your cancellation, you may do so only during the application period. Please be aware that acceptance is not guaranteed upon re-registration.